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Bread and Jam

About Us

Alice Gaultney

Hello, I am Alice Gaultney, owner of Alice’s Pantry Treasures LLC. I have combined my years of commercial cooking experience with a passion for all-natural, wholesome baked goods that were prepared and baked with a personal touch. I gained fame in Central Virginia by providing friends with premixed bags of my ingredients for my famous country-style yeast rolls as well as my baked goods.

Demand for my mixes and baked goodies convinced me to launch my own home-based business in 2007 along with my co-owner husband, Steve. A detached commercial kitchen was our new addition on our farm.

Baking for nonprofit and taking my products to the local farmers market proved my success as we always sold out quite early in the day.

My goods paid off and resulted in a genuine entrepreneurial success story and our products earned the Virginia’s Finest trademark in 2010.

We then started making small batches of jellies, preserves, marmalade and jams the old-fashioned way to sell with our dinner rolls and breads using only the freshest in-season fruits, pure cane sugar and NO artificial ingredients.

In 2012, we decided to go wholesale and did our first trade show, which was a huge success. We also took part in many festivals with success. At this point, we phased out the baked goods and the roll mix.

After creating our own labels, we decided in 2016 to offer private labeling for small companies.

As our business continues to remain a small family run business, our products have grown and still remains with that good old-fashioned taste with no artificial flavors, are gluten free and are still made in small batches.

Our Mission is providing our customers with unique and excellent quality products and customer service.



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Virginia’s Finest

Blueberry Preserves
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